Safety Matters at Amedisys

Written by David Johnson

Staying safe. Is any priority higher? At Amedisys, the answer is no. 

Safety for our employees, as for our patients, comes first. 

Getting injured on the job in any healthcare environment has a multiplier effect that's strictly negative. Beyond affecting you and your family members, it means your patients have to do without you until you recover, and that your colleagues have to step into the breach to take care of those patients. 

June is National Safety Month, courtesy of the National Safety Council, so throughout the mouth we'll be sharing some essential safety practices we take to heart at Amedisys to ensure our employees' and our patients' safety. 

As the National Safety Council says, "Every worker deserves to make it safely home from work - every day.... No matter the company size or industry, from construction sites to office buildings, employers who show they care about the safety of their employees see improved morale, increased productivity, lower costs and, more importantly, fewer injuries."