Mike Fleming

Mike Fleming

Mike Fleming is the Chief Marketing and Development Officer for Amedisys.

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Sometimes, the Hardest Conversations Are the Most Important

Posted by Mike Fleming on Aug 7, 2018 1:28:24 PM

We’re a society that plans. Family vacations. Retirement savings. Weddings and birthday parties. Reservations for our favorite restaurant or a trip to the local movie theater. We plan these events in our lives because we want to be prepared and because we know that good planning will generally yield good results.

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Hospice: Why Sooner is Better Than Later

Posted by Mike Fleming on Jul 26, 2018 11:00:38 AM

“When is the right time for hospice?”

It’s a question we hear nearly every day. And this question is typically followed with a statement like: “we’re not sure we’re ready.”

There are few easy answers when it comes to a serious or terminal illness, but through education and knowledge, you can put yourself and your loved ones in a position to make informed, empowered choices.

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